Caltech Academic Media Technologies

Welcome to Caltech AMT!

We are a team that supports Caltech faculty, students, staff, divisions, research centers, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as non-academic groups such as Development & Institute Relations and Student Affairs.

Our campus-wide support includes:

  • Creating award-winning videos for press releases and marketing purposes
  • Recording, live broadcasting, and providing audio visual support for on-campus lectures and events
  • Realizing Caltech faculty's vision for their online courses
  • Creating figures and illustrations for scientific publications
  • Designing and installing new audio visual systems for classrooms, lecture halls, and meetings spaces

Caltech AMT's mission is to provide audio visual services and digital media solutions, strategies, and recommendations in support of Caltech’s research and education mission, development, and outreach.

We operate the New Media Classroom <NMC> and are proud to be part of Information Management Systems & Services <IMSS>.